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We are a student group that Northeastern approved on GOOD FRIDAY, April 6th of 2007. We are a group of students who desire to grow as a family, to love one another well, and to see the power, love and grace of Jesus challenge us, transform us, and change our campus. We want to be a place where everyone - no matter what your ethnic or spiritual background - is safe to ask questions, seek God, and look closely at the person of Jesus. Join our community!

  • WEEKLY SMALL GROUPS – Get to know others & investigate God together in smaller groups. There are a few options to serve where you're at in your journey - get plugged in!
    Upperclassmen GIGs: "GIGs" are groups investigating God that meet to look at the character of Jesus in small groups - whether you're a Christian or a seeker, everyone is invited to be challenged together & grow! For Tuesdays at 3p, contact Teren (, for Thursdays at 5:30p, contact Olivia -
    Freshmen: Wednesdays, 7p at Cabral 118Calling all freshmen! Come get to know each other & dig into Scripture together! Bring your friends! Contact John -
    La Fe: Wednesdays, 12p at the Latino Center – A small group to reach out to the Latino community (though all are welcome!)! Contact Devin -
    GPS: Group Processing Spirituality - Tuesdays, 8p at Panera (downstairs) – If you're in a place where you're not sure what you think about God, you're skeptical about the whole faith thing, but want to talk about big questions, check out GPS, where we look at various schools of thought and discuss our opinions about topics like morality, purpose, the existence of God. Contact Andy ( to find out more!
  • PRAYER & PRAISE - Friday 10/26, 12:30p at the Latino Center – A simple, rich time of prayer & worship to our God after a long week of school - all are welcome! Contact Justin (
  • SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES – We work alongside Park Street Church once a month (bright and early on Saturday morning!) to serve the communities of Boston. Contact Steph (
  • FRIDAY FUN NIGHTS! – Every Friday night, have fun with IV friends (movies, scavenger hunts, museums, food!). You and your friends are always welcome to join the fun - contact Esther ( for details and/or join our facebook group for weekly updates on FFN activities!
  • RETREATS at Toah Nipi, NH where we gather with other schools to learn about God and deepen our community.
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    SPRING BREAK SERVICE TRIP: SERVEUP, NEW ORLEANS! Every year since Hurricane Katrina, InterVarsity has sent groups of students down to New Orleans to help the rebuilding efforts as the city gets back on its feet. SERVEUP (formally known as "KRUP," Katrina Relief Urban Plunge) is a unique trip where we serve the city and people of New Orleans as well as have deep, real conversations about the intersection of faith & social justice. Join us - contact Kaitlin for more information (

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