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The purpose and goals of InterVarsity Multiethnic Christian Fellowship are:

  1. To be a diverse community growing together in love, faith, and knowledge of Jesus Christ.
  2. To see the power of Christ transform the lives of students at Northeastern holistically — spiritually, emotionally, intellectually.
  3. To promote dialogue and be a safe and open place for all wanting to grow deeper in the knowledge and understanding of Jesus Christ and his teachings, regardless of one's spiritual background.
  4. To promote the biblical basis for ethnic and racial reconciliation.
  5. To engage in issues surrounding poverty through local and global outreach and service opportunities.

Our vision and goal is: To advance the kingdom at Northeastern through whole-life conversion to Jesus. What does this mean?

"...advance the kingdom..." We are committed to advancing God's kingdom here at Northeastern. That means striving to see God's heart for justice, reconciliation, and shalom become more the heartbeat of our fellowship. We want to be transformed by the power of Jesus and to in turn be agents of transformation for this campus.

"...whole-life..." We believe that "conversion" must be the daily, life-long experience of every disciple. It will mean that we will become increasingly committed to God's values and interests. It will mean that individually and corporately we will move toward healing and wholeness, and become committed to God's justice and his concerns for the disenfranchised at every level. It will mean that we will give our hearts and minds to all of humanity, confronting our own prejudices and fears and gaining a global perspective because it is God's perspective.

"...conversion..." Moving from cynic to seeker to follower to leader to world changer.

Conversion is more than intellectual assent, though intellectual assent is required. Conversion is greater than changes in behavior, though such changes are necessary and inevitable. Rather, conversion takes all of who I am and moves me into a completely new direction. No part of me gets left behind. The magnitude of this change is rarely understood all at once but rather over time and by degrees. It is usually only in hindsight and over the course of a lifetime that we begin to grasp the totality of what has occurred. Thus, conversion is both immediately complete and yet never finished. It is free and yet costs us everything.1 It is simple and yet incomprehensibly complex.2 Conversion involves both God's essential power in transforming us and our essential choice in welcoming him. It is nothing less than Paul's call for us to actively pursue the "mind of Christ" while also awaiting to be "transformed by the renewing your mind."

This is our mission and our purpose.

Reference "Conversion Communities" in Chris Nichols' words.

1Mark 8
2Philippians 2, Ephesians 6, Romans 12